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Weakness point: The brand is lack of reputation.

The brand Reiner’s have three stores in Canada and they are all small stores. People do not know about this brand except walking into the store or visiting the simple website. Other than email, they do not have any social internet resources or contact information about this brand.


What do you do well?

1. Location: the store is located in the commercial area (Queen street)

2. Materials acquisition: All materials are from Canada local. They get the materials (wood & cows’ leather) in Ontario.

3. Transportation: they use van to transfer the materials to the factory that is located in Waterloo by themselves, which reduces the cost from labour and transportation.

4. Environment friendly: The materials are natural. They use the left leathers of other products to product the surface of “Ottoman”, so that no materials will be wasted.

5. Customer services: The company is family business and the store runner is a family member, which she knows much about the products and she can explains more about the goods to the customers.

6. Product quality: All products are handmade and all the materials are choses by the producers in person.

7. Business expansion: The family sell the copyright of the brand to people and the people open branch stores.

8. Catch the opportunity: They notice that the family members have potential to design and manufacture products and they catch the opportunity and start the business.


What unique resources can you draw on?

1. They search for local resources to manufacture products which can reduce the cost of shipping.

2. Handmade product: in this developed society, handmade products have unique value than the products are made by machines. It takes more time and effort.

3. Multiple-purpose products: The couch can be a sofa or a decoration in house.

4. Long-term usage materials: The materials they used in the products can last for many years.

5. The family members do all the manufactory processes of the products.


What do others see at your strengths?

1. Local: The store is located in a busy area and people can easily find it. The product designs are Canadian style and they meet the taste of target audience (middle-class and high-class people).

2. Everything is touchable and allows people to experience it.

3. Long-term usage of the products.


What could be improved in your organization in terms of physical resources, funding, staffing?

Physical resources:

1. More advertising of the brand and the products.

2. More different types of products: more choices for customers.

3. More organized of the products in the store: products can be separated in different areas by theme rather than place them randomly in the store.

4. More types of materials (leather & wood) to let the customers choose.


1. Spend more money on publicize the brand and products.

2. Spend more money on improving the materials that are 100% natural and can be recycled.

3. Corporate with express company to deliver the products to customers’ destinations. (the Ottomans are big and heavy)

4. More retail stores.

5. Create a recycle program from customers’ old products.

6. Set up after-sales service: teach or help customers how to maintain the quality of products; 


1. More employee to improve customer services in store.

2. Hire people that focus on the service on internet, online orders and social internet publicity.

3. Maintenance staff and courier may help the business.

Where do you have fewer resources than others?

1. Funds: Large business company have many different investors to provide funds for them. They can hire more people, spend more on advertising or invite famous people to promote their products.

2. Labour: Others have more people in departments to work in different positions, which they have clean and strong internal labour structure and people work orderly.

3. Limitation of space: less retail stores and smaller size of stores.

4. Reputation: People know more about larger companies and they will receive more customers.

5. Technology: Others may have more information about new technology and work more efficient.

6. Location: The store is located in 699 Queen street W which is commercial area, however, others may get much more customers because the areas are more busy, such as eaton centre or the places near subway stations.

What are others likely to see as weaknesses?

1. Other companies and brand also have similar products. (why people should choose ours?)

2. The products are long-term usage products, less people will buy the same products second time. (The brand have to attract new customers)

3. The products are not cheap and people take time to consider due to the prices.

4. The finish handmade products look almost the same with the products that are made by machines. (why people choose handmade product with higher price)


What opportunities are open to you?

1. The company did not advertise the brand much.

2. It is hard to hire the perfect person to work in the company.

3. There is limitation of product selection which they do not accept customization.

4. Internet services.

What local, national, or international trends could you take advantage of?

1. Social network recommendation, such as creating account in Instagram or Facebook to let more people know about the company.

2. Co-branded: collaborate with some famous brands.

3. Product series: Using a symbol or character to create a series of products.

4. Expand the range of target audience: Can be accepted and attracted by larger age range of people

5. Online shopping in social shopping platform.

6. Make the products to have age sense or nostalgia. 

7. Personal customization.

8. Tutorial class: allow people to work with their families and friends together and create their own products.


How can you turn your strengths into opportunities?

1. Hiring more people that have handmade skill to improve effectiveness.

2. Make more different types of products to keep the freshness for customers.

3. They can create spaces by theme and let people to experience our products in different environment.

4. The store can recycle the old products and sell the old materials to the people or organization who need it or make them into nostalgic goods..

5. Use the animal characters of the Ottomans to create a series of products.

6. Use the van to do the shipping of online orders.

7.The family member in store can collect the favors of customers and give inspiration to the designer in order to create new products that meet the taste of customers.


Do changes in technology/materials hold new promise?

1. If it is made by machines, the quality and the value will be changed.

2. Search for same quality of leather and wood so that they can hold new promise.


What threats could harm you?

1. Competitors who also produce leather goods.

2. Higher rent of the space in the commercial area.

3. Unsteady turnover.

4. Customers lose freshness of the brand.

5. Customer services in internet scarcity. (people have bad impression to our brand due to late response in email).


What is your competition doing?

Leather bag & shoes

What obstacles do you face that hinder the effort- in the environment, the people you serve, or the people


Who conduct your work?


1. Small space: cannot store more products in the store.

2. Many other businesses and companies are nearby.

3. No subway station is nearby.

4. There are not many people crossing by on weekday.

5. No parking area available on the street.

The people:

1. People are worried about the price.


Is changing technology/materials threatening your effectiveness?

Not too much


For more detailed work and further information, please contact us. Work of 2017-2018.

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